Saturday 3rd Week in Easter April 29, 2023

Father Rick’s Two-Minute Homily for Saturday, 3rd Week in Easter

April 29, 2023, John 6:60-69

A Sad Day for Jesus.

Sadness is a genuine emotion, and it is normal to want to ignore or bury such feelings. If we forget the terrible things that happen to us, we will be ok. But such methods never work.

Losing a person we love in death or losing a friend because of some misunderstanding is heartbreaking. Jesus experienced this with the people following Him after eating the loaves and fish. Eating His Flesh and drinking His Blood is a hard saying. “Who can accept it?” they asked.

And they started walking away, returning to their former way of life. It’s the same thing Peter did after the resurrection of Jesus, “I’m going fishing.” I envisioned this scene and could vividly feel the emptiness in Jesus’ heart He experienced with each disciple who walked away that day.

Beyond being sentimental, I ask you to join me in visiting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and embrace the pain and emptiness you feel when someone you know chooses to eat no longer and drink at the Lord’s Table.

First, God the Father will honor your visit with compassion for Jesus and fill His heart with your love. Then He will draw that person back to His Son’s Table of Communion and do this work of mercy through your love for Jesus.

Nothing we say or do can change a person’s heart to love the Real Presence of Jesus in the Sacrament. That is the work of our Father God,

who alone can draw someone to Jesus. The same love and compassion we have for Jesus, He will have for a disciple who no longer walks with us.

Gospel Challenge:

Come to Jesus in the Tabernacle and ask the Holy Spirit to Ignite the Fire of His love in your heart to welcome someone home.

Ignite the Fire of The Holy Spirit

Fr. Rick Pilger, IC

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