Saturday, 9th Week in Ordinary Time June 10, 2023

Father Rick’s Two-Minute Homily for Saturday, 9th Week in Ordinary Time

June 10, 2023, Mark 12: 38-44

To Whom Are We Present in the Church?

Did you ever notice when you walk into the Church in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, your mind is rushing from one thing to another? You cannot get rid of the distractions of the world. Sometimes it can last through the whole celebration of the Eucharist.

In today’s gospel, the scribes and Pharisees were in the temple with the poor widow. But I wonder, to whom they were present, themselves or the Lord? I would suggest the one with the heart of the Lord is with the Lord.

It all came down to giving back to the Lord, something that represents what He means to them. Jesus noted that the rich put in large sums, but it was from their surplus that was left over from their needs and wants. How His heart must have burst wide open as he poured his love into this widow’s heart.

Jesus knew that widows had no means of support from the community in his culture. She gave everything back to the Lord, all she had to live on for that day and even that week.

Perhaps she knew someone poorer than herself and gave it to God for Him to look after them. Of course, Jesus knew His Father would care for her needs as He always cared for His.

Gospel Challenge:

Who would not want to live in the abundant providential care of our Heavenly Father? How much of “all we have” are we willing to give back to the Lord? Give the Lord all your attention and let him have the best part of your heart.

Fr. Rick Pilger, IC

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