September 21, 2021, Wednesday, 25TH WEEK IN ORDINARY TIME

Luke 9:1-6

“What is going on?” Matthew asked the disciples as they were off to do what Jesus did, heal the sick and cast out demons. “This is unbelievable!” Little do they know, they have the heart of Jesus, immature, hardly noticed, but it is still His heart. Before the disciples tackled something much more difficult, Jesus gave them something a little easier to do. He gave them His power to heal and His power to cast out demons. Remember, you can’t earn his power. It’s rooted in His merciful love for us. We all have it in all its fullness, immature, hardly noticed, but for sure.

We all know we can’t heal and drive out demons like Jesus, but they are His works of mercy. However, we all know what it means to go the extra mile for someone in little ways. It may cost us some time and maybe inconvenient, but we do it, sometimes without a second thought.

The gospel challenge: You may know someone needs the Lord’s mercy and can only get it from you. Like the disciples, the heart of Jesus in us maybe a little immature and hardly noticed, but it is still his heart. Go out to someone today who needs His mercy. They will find you. You will come back rejoicing.

Ignite the fire. God bless you, my friends.

Father Rick

Fr. Rick Pilger, I.C.


Blessed Sacrament Church

11565 66th Ave. N.

Seminole, FL 33772




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