Sunday, 5th Week in Ordinary Time, February 5, 2023

Father Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Sunday, 5th Week in Ordinary Time, February 5, 2023

Who Has Flavored Your Life with the Salt of the Lord?

In the world Jesus lived, salt was priceless. Did you know that Rome paid their soldiers in salt? We get the word “salary” from the Latin word “sal.” Think how important we are in Jesus’ eyes when He calls us His “salt of the earth.” Wow! It makes me want to step up and be worthy of His call.

There have been several people who have been the Lord’s salt in my life with God. One that stands out is Fr. Anthony Meredith, IC. He was the rector of our community house, DerrysWood, in England. In those tender years of my studies for the priesthood, Fr. Anthony’s relationship with the Lord was a taste of salt Jesus flavored my soul. He was always available when we needed him. He pitched in to do the dishes and help with household tasks. He was one of us.

In short, Fr. Anthony introduced me to Jesus. When I brought a problem to him, he often said, “We have to pray to find the Lord.” And we always found Him. It was the first time I learned the virtue of surrender. God has a plan, and we must fit into that plan. As a result, I have developed a deep trust in Jesus over the years, falling back on the foundation Fr. Anthony laid during my formation.

Gospel Challenge:

Who has flavored your life with the salt of the Lord? Do you have a Fr. Anthony in your life? What did they do to make Jesus a real Presence in your life? Follow their lead.

I pray every morning that we will never lose the taste of our Lord’s precious salt.


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