Thursday 14th Week in Ordinary Time 2022

Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Thursday 14th Week in Ordinary Time 07-07-2022
Thursday 14th Week in Ordinary Time 2022
Matthew 10:7-15


Are we ever ready to bring Jesus to others? Our world teaches us that we must be the best and have everything in order. We list all our degrees and experience in a job description and hope we have the best interview to get the job. There is so much pressure. Then comes the hiring, and now we must perform to impress. If we exceed our boss’s expectations, we hope to get “Employee of the Year.”

Whew. A lot of energy and stress is expended to succeed in the world. That is not the way it is with Jesus. He has an entirely different mindset that puts us at ease. We do not need to bring our degrees and experience to the table for our interview with Jesus. He tells us to go in his name with nothing. We must bring “no gold or silver, not even a few coppers for purses, no backpack for the journey or even a suitcase full of clothes and shoes.”

Do you get his drift? Who or what does he want us to place our trust? Do we trust Him or all our abilities, talents, and resources? Sure, we can use those but not depend on them solely. We are not bringing ideas and philosophies to people on how to live a good life. Instead, we introduce them to a divine Person, our Savior, and their Savior, Jesus the Lord.

He is the one who will remain in them and get them through every difficulty they experience. So, let’s take a hard look at our relationship with the Lord. Jesus calls us to share our faith just as he finds us today. We bear his grace and healing in our words and actions. They bear his divine presence. Nothing more is needed. Does it sound too good to be true or impossible? You bet it does.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC

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