Thursday 19th Week in Ordinary Time August 17, 2023

Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Thursday, 19th Week in Ordinary Time

August 17, 2023, Matthew 18:21-19:1

How Grateful Am I?

When I read this gospel of the ungrateful servant, I was flooded with the many blessings I have received throughout my life. I couldn’t begin to count them. God blesses all of us with his gift of creation that He sustains every minute of every day. But a few memories that touched my heart the most came to mind.

Watching my Dad, a carpenter, get ready for church with his suit and tie. It told me something special was about to happen. Seeing my Mom and Dad genuflect and kneel down before Mass began told me they loved God and were grateful for their time with Him. I can see my Dad walking into the confessional and my Mom saying her Rosary before Mass began.

Tremendous gratitude filled my heart to know how much my Mom and Dad influenced my life and faith. God used their relationship with Him to plant the seed for my vocation.

The man in the gospel owed his master 449 years of labor. It was something he could never pay back. His ingratitude led him to throttle and imprison a fellow servant for a minuscule amount he was owed. Because he didn’t have a relationship with his master, he didn’t know the value of his master’s mercy.

God gave us His Son, whose imprisonment on the cross paid back hundreds of times more than the debt of all our sins. Every Confession and Mass we celebrate is an opportunity to thank Jesus for making up for our lack of mercy toward each other.

Gospel Challenge:

Give God a moment of your time every day to fill your heart with gratitude for all His blessings. Thank Him most of all for His Sacraments. In these intimate encounters, He fills our hearts with His mercy for anyone who hurts us.

Peace everyone.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC

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