Thursday, 29th Week in Ordinary Time, October 20, 2022

Fr. Rick’s Gospel Reflection for Thursday, 29th Week in Ordinary Time, October 20, 2022
Luke 12: 49-53
Please open your Scriptures and read these verses prayerfully.

Find a friend in Jesus. 

I moved down to Florida in 1995. It’s great to enjoy the outdoors year-round. But I must admit that I miss the changing of seasons. One change can be challenging for some is keeping the fires of God’s love ablaze in our hearts. In the face of opposition, we need support. It’s hard to go it alone when our faith is under attack.

Family and friends experience a similar division when one person comes to Christ, and the family member has no experience of His mercy. When St. Luke wrote his gospel, Jewish synagogues expelled followers of Jesus from their services. The prayers and religious practices used to unite the family became a cause of the division.

We know within our own families and extended families, there are children who no longer practice their Catholic faith and children who don’t have their children baptized. Our American culture has adopted a belief that faith and prayer in public places intrudes on personal beliefs.

Let us hold firm to our Catholic faith in the face of such opposition. Jesus told us repeatedly, “Do not be afraid.” Let us extend the merciful love of the Lord Jesus, the only fire that will win over an unbelieving heart.

Gospel Challenge:
The challenge for all of us is to seek out people who have a strong faith and are happy and willing to share their relationship with the Lord. I have seen the fire Jesus mentions in the gospel go out in people who lack the support of a friend in the Lord. Jesus sent His disciples out in pairs and told us, “I am with you when two or more are gathered in my name.”

Find a friend in Jesus to keep your faith and love for Jesus strong.



God bless you, my friends.
Fr. Rick Pilger, I.C.

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