Thursday, 3rd Week in Advent 12-15-2022

Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily Thursday, 3rd Week in Advent 12-15-2022

Luke 7:24-30

Sorrowing for sin leads to peace.

There is a correlation between a speaker and a listener. We see this happening in John and the people who listened to him. John lived his life with such integrity that people knew he spoke the truth. And that truth, our Lord Jesus, pierced their hearts.

The words of John burned in their hearts as they felt a deep joy in repenting their sins for the first time rather than fear of acknowledging those sins. As John spoke, they said, “He’s right, and I know he is speaking to me.”

Both the Pharisees and the people, including the hated tax collectors, heard John’s human words. The Pharisees had their sense of goodness within themselves, so much that they couldn’t see their sin, and John’s words were only human.

The people, however, knew they had no goodness apart from God. By submitting themselves to John’s baptism, they expressed their genuine sorrow for their sins. True sorrow for our sins empties our hearts enough of ourselves that so we can begin to hear God’s voice.

Gospel Challenge

God’s voice of tenderness and mercy is sweeter than the condemning voice of guilt. Try it.

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