Tuesday 24th Week in Ordinary Time 2022

Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily Tuesday 24th Week in Ordinary Time 09-13-2022
Tuesday 24th Week in Ordinary Time 2022
Luke 7:11-17 https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/091322.cfm


My heart goes out to parents who lost a child in death! It is devastating, and the sorry seems never to go away. Yet, we may know a friend who is as good as dead, perhaps from despair or loss of meaning in their lives. Have you reached out to someone like this and could not get through? It leaves an empty feeling in your heart.

Welcome to the world of Jesus. The emptiness we experience is a doorway to Jesus’ compassion for our friend. Jesus reached out to the widow’s son’s coffin and touched it. That was a taboo in His culture. That gesture made Him unclean. But He did it anyway.

Perhaps we need to ask him for so much compassion on someone we can’t help that Jesus will reach out through us and tell the person we carry in our hearts, “Rise! Get up!”

Don’t be afraid to experience the depth of your helplessness to help someone. And don’t give up. Sometimes we must suffer with someone and feel the depth of their pain ourselves. Jesus can’t help but respond to so much love because He sees Himself in us.

Have courage, my friend. Suffering with someone always comes before healing. Who will we have compassion today that will help them hear Jesus say, “I command you? Get up!”


Father Rick Pilger, I.C.

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