Tuesday, 31st Week in Ordinary Time November 7, 2023

Father Rick’s two-minute Homily for Tuesday, 31st Week in Ordinary Time
November 7, 2023, Luke 14: 15-24


Poor, Blind and Empty

Do you hear in today’s gospel a little bit about Martha, the sister of Mary? The man who bought the field, the man who checked out his new oxen, and the new groom with his bride are like Martha in the kitchen – we all have too much to do to be with the Lord. Could we say that their hearts were too full to taste and see the goodness of the Lord?

Any time we approach Jesus in prayer or liturgy, we need to come hungry, thirsty, and empty. Imagine yourself walking to the church doors and leaving the world and all its cares at the door. There are moments when we can share our needs and concerns for ourselves and others with him. But our worship of God is about God, not us. So, we leave it all behind.

Please know this, my friends: Jesus knows all those needs and carries every one of our concerns in his heart long before we are aware of them. But the best way for him to fulfill each need is to fill us first with Himself.

The banquet hall of the King is his heart full of love for us. I can’t even imagine how hungry Jesus is to feed us with the love that saves, heals, and mends our aches and pains.

Gospel Challenge:

Let us be the ones in the parable who are so poor and lame of Jesus that his heart is bursting to fill us. So, rejoice when you are poor and blind and lame to do anything by yourself for Jesus or anyone. Then we will be empty enough for him to fill us and not only us but everyone he sends to us in our day.

Ignite the Fire

Father Rick Pilger, I C.

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