Tuesday, 7th Week in Ordinary Time May 21, 2024

Father Rick’s Two-Minute Homily for Tuesday, 7th Week in Ordinary Time

May 21, 2024, Mark 9:30-37


Who are the “least?”

Healthy competition is good for us and can bring out our best. In sports, we go to the weight room and are the last to leave the practice field. We see the results in competition and might even come out first.

We live in this world of rivalry. Being first is in our faces every day. But is constantly striving to be first in other areas of life worth the loss of meaningful relationships? It is very subtle how work and getting ahead can take over our lives. It happens in family life, and I see this temptation in community life.

There is a “wisdom from above” that can help us keep our priorities in order. What does that wisdom say? “If anyone wishes to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all. Who are the “rest” Jesus tells us we must serve?

“Whoever receives a child such as this receives Me.” People in our Lord’s time knew who these rest were. The child symbolized the anawim – the poor, the forgotten, the lowly, and the vulnerable. Who are they today?

  • The ragged man who’s by a dumpster looking for something to eat.
  • The immigrant who is out of place.
  • The neighbor’s son, who has Autism, is at your back door at the oddest times.
  • Maybe a co-worker I overlook for whatever reason.
  • The hungry child in Venezuela.
  • And yes, the “rest” may be a member of our family.

Gospel Challenge:

We don’t turn our eyes away. We do what Jesus says: “Welcome them.” We welcome them with a cup of coffee, stop to chat , and take an interest in what they are doing now. The anawim have stories they need to tell us, and we need to hear them. This “wisdom from above” changes lives and makes us whole. Everyone is better off.

Love Your Neighbor!

Fr. Rick Pilger, IC



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