Tuesday, December 19, 2023 in the Octave of Advent

Fr. Rick’s Two-Minute Homily Tuesday, December 19, 2023
in the Octave of Advent Luke 1:5-25

Being Faithful in Difficult Times.

Communication is vital in any relationship, human or divine. A couple entering marriage will have a significant advantage when they pray together and faithfully worship Almighty God. And Joseph had this advantage when they faced their difficulties with their wives.

Elizabeth was barren, and Zechariah could have divorced her by the Mosaic Law. Joseph could have had Mary put to death during their betrothment because she was found with a child when they were betrothed.

Neither man followed their human reactions. I find it amazing how God blessed these men’s commitment to their wives before the Lord!

God honors the love commitments we make with people. It melts His heart when we choose to be faithful in difficult times. He delights in us when we accept an impossible challenge, trusting that He will never disappoint us. Trust opens the gates of heaven’s blessing.

Gospel Challenge
Difficult times with people are the raw material for God to work His miracles of grace. Don’t give up on each other when a relationship seems to be crashing down and ending. God is just beginning and will work with you through your commitment. Go to Jesus together before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. You will be amazed at how much peace will fill your hearts and how small your big troubles become.

Love Your Neighbor:
Please join me in praying for all baptized Catholics to be faithful to Jesus in the Holy Mass every weekend. Hail Mary, full of grace…

Mother Mary, “I am yours now and forever. Through you and with you, I always want to belong completely to Jesus.” The Surrender Novena – InHeartland. https://inheartland.com/pages/the-surrender-novena

Peace be with you.

Fr. Rick Pilger, IC

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