Tuesday, the 4th Week in Lent March 21, 2023

Father Rick’s One Minute Homily for Tuesday, the 4th Week in Lent
March 21, 2023  
John 5:1-16  


From Addiction to Walking.

Over 20 years ago, I had a shoulder replacement. The first day was pain-free, primarily thanks to a nerve block. Wow! I needed something to help with the pain when the nerve block wore off. The doctor prescribed a painkiller and told me to stay ahead of the pain.

When I returned home, a wise nurse told me how to get off the painkiller, so I don’t become addicted. “Every four to five days,” she said, “add two hours before your next pill. I did, and by the 12th day, I was up to 12 hours before I needed one. I went to twenty hours for the next four days and was pain-free. Thank you, kind and wise nurse.

A man in the gospel was lame for 38 years, sitting by a healing pool of water. No one helped him get in when the waters stirred to heal. Jesus saw him and said, “Pick up your man and walk.” It was probably the first thing he did for himself.

Then Jesus told him, “Go and sin no more unless something worse happens to you.” It would be easy for the man to fall back into a sense of helplessness, and it is easy for us to fall back into a pattern of sin after a good confession.

Gospel Challenge:

The grace of the Sacrament stays with us after the Confession. That grace is the Presence of Jesus, risen in us, empowering us to please him in every thought, word, and deed. Turn to Jesus when the tempting idea enters your head. Remember, it is only a thought until we give it power over us. When we keep thinking about it, sin’s addiction overpowers us, and we can no longer walk in the Way of Jesus.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC  


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