Wednesday, 27th Week in Ordinary Time October 11, 2023

Fr. Rick’s Gospel Reflection for Wednesday, 27th Week in Ordinary Time

October 11, 2023, Luke 11:1-4

Prayer – More Than What We Ask of God.

The disciples noticed that Jesus prayed far differently than they had ever seen.

At the time of our Lord, it was thought that the more you mentioned your needs to God and made them known for all to hear, the better you would look in the eyes of others. Your honor would be great because of your many repetitions. And as we have seen, Jesus is not concerned about how we appear to people.

The disciples also noticed that when Jesus prayed, He was in touch with God in ways they had never experienced. So they asked, “Lord, teach us to pray as you do.” So, in teaching them the Our Father, Jesus showed them that the value of prayer doesn’t lie in how many words you use or what formulas are popular at the time.

Prayer is not like accomplishing some task. It involves how we relate to God in the first place with an inner attitude of love and trust. Jesus has revealed Him to us as our Father and our Friend. He is God and so much wrapped up in love with us that He can’t wait for us to share a personal, silent moment with Him, not using words, but just being with Him as we find ourselves at that time.

The Gospel Challenge: Spend these quiet moments with Him. Surrender your day into His loving and Providential Hands.

The power of prayer lies not in “what” to pray for but in “how” to be with God.

Ignite the Fire!

Fr. Rick Pilger, I.C.


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