Wednesday, 34th Week in Ordinary Time, November 23, 2022

Father Rick’s Gospel Reflection for Wednesday, 34th Week in Ordinary Time, November 23, 2022
Luke 21: 12-19
Please take a moment to read and pray over the gospel.

A Wisdom No Adversary Can Refute.

Religious persecution is not a common experience for us here in the U. S. Unfortunately, it is the experience of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. We are seeing millions of people forced to leave their homes and native land to migrate to countries that will welcome them.

Can you imagine what it must be like for them? We get upset if the electricity goes off or our computers act up. What can help us to empathize even a fraction with these brothers and sisters?

When someone says or does something to us that hurts us, we can see it either as a direct attack on us or as an expression of their pain. So our response will be vengeance or mercy, setting things right or choosing to love that person to the end of their misery.

Fear will put us on the offensive and attack back. Love will walk up to Calvary with that person until they experience mercy. Mercy is the wisdom Jesus promised that our adversaries could never refute. Let us choose mercy and offer any inconvenience it may cause us for those who no longer have a home or family member someone martyred.

Gospel Challenge:
Have you asked yourself what you can do to help these migrants? In today’s Gospel, Jesus gives us something we all can do. Show mercy to a person in our midst.


God bless you, my friends.

Fr. Rick Pilger, I.C.

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