Wednesday, December 20, 2023 in the Octave of Advent

Fr. Rick’s Two Minute Homily Wednesday, December 20, 2023,
in the Octave of Advent

Luke 1:26-38

Let it be as you say, and it will.

Think of Mother Mary going about her daily routine, her little jobs around the house, and whatever else she was doing. Gabriel, sent from God, knocks at the door of her heart, and he greets her with that wonderous news, “The Lord is with you.”

We are greeted the same way at Holy Mass, even at the beginning. “The Lord be with you. But it isn’t enough for the Lord to be just with us in spirit; He requires more. The miracle of God becoming a man in Mary’s womb is the same transformation we experience in Holy Communion. Our look, touch, and words become Jesus, truly, with Mother Mary, but in a unique way.

We become sacramental food for a hungry world. It’s wondrous; we say like Mother Mary did, “How can that be? It’s not possible, it’s not real, and it’s just imagined. But it is real.

Our yes, Let it be done to me as you say,” transforms everything about us into Jesus – Everything. No wonder our touch can heal, and our words can transform others from death to life in the spirit of hope. No wonder Gabriel said, “Do not be afraid, Mary.”

Gospel Challenge

Like her, our presence at Mass and our worthy reception of Holy Communion show that we have already found favor with God. We wouldn’t be here otherwise. Think how blessed the people we see today, we touch and speak to; think how blessed they will be because we’ve been with the Lord Jesus at Holy Mass. Let our whole day resound with Mary’s humble response: Let it be done to me as you say, moment by moment.

Love Your Neighbor:
Please join me in praying for all baptized Catholics to be faithful to Jesus in the Holy Mass every weekend. Hail Mary, full of grace…

Mother Mary, “I am yours now and forever. Through you and with you, I always want to belong completely to Jesus.” The Surrender Novena – InHeartland.

Peace be with you.

Fr. Rick Pilger, IC

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