Wednesday, the 5th Week in Lent March 29, 2023

Father Rick’s One Minute Homily for Wednesday, the 5th Week in Lent

March 29, 2023 – John 8:21-30

Getting To Know My Dad.

I know married couples who cannot have children for one reason or another. Others may have a child or a couple of children. But they are hungry for more, so they adopt. The preparation and expense are tremendous. They don’t mind the sacrifice. I can imagine a child about six or seven years old waiting for that day for a new brother or sister to arrive. Something a child wants their new brother or sister to know is Mom and Dad.

As the days go by, they reveal more and more about Mom and Dad. If I were that child, I would tell them how much time they love spending with me. Dad is an honest man and a hard worker; everyone in town seems to know him. He will do anything for you. And Mom is a great cook. The more people at the table, the happier she is. And Mom goes to Mass every day. I love the faith she and Dad have given me.

Jesus is doing the same thing with the people and the leaders in the Gospel of John. He has gone out of His way to let people know His Father. However, His time is running out as Jesus knows His arrest is approaching. So, He gives us His best shot.

To paraphrase the Gospel, He says, “Look at Me, listen to Me, and you will know my Father. Get rid of your ideas of what God is like and follow Me. Become my disciple, and you will know and love the Father as I do. You will do anything for Him, even give your life so others may live with Him as I do.” 

Gospel Challenge:
Jesus says, “My Father glorifies Me. That means I can only be the best I can be when I honor My Father and always please Him, not myself. Therefore, I am happy to lay down my life for others and make Him happy with me. Will you follow? ”

Ignite the Fire

Fr. Rick Pilger, IC

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