Fr. Rick’s Four Minute Homily for Sunday – 12-12-2021 Cultural Change

Sunday of the Third Week in Advent.John 3:10-18

WHAT ARE WE TO DO? Decisions of our juries in America and cultural change.

Crowds, tax collectors, and soldiers asked John the Baptist, “What are we to do?” John told them to give to others and not to take from others. He was speaking about justice, giving someone their due. With all the crime increasing and, in our face every day on the news, justice is viewed negatively.

We follow cases from arrest to the courtroom to the verdict. Some people in our nation have the person guilty from the get-go. Unfortunately, some do not respect the decisions of the juries. They believe the rights of people are not met, and they want change. What is the answer to obtaining justice for all? What are we to do? On our own, any one of us has no power to bring about cultural change. If we take a side, we will find ourselves at odds with others. Back to the question, people asked John the Baptist, “What are we to do?” John told the crowds to give to others in need of food and clothes. To the tax collectors, he said not to take from others more than they must pay in taxes. And the soldiers are not to practice extortion, falsely accuse others, and be satisfied with their pay.

Anyone would find it hard to put others first habitually without God. He is the only faithful and just One, so start with Him. What is His due? What does He ask us to do for Him? The Ten Commandments are a great start. So are the two greatest commandments Jesus gave us. The greatest is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. The second is like it, love your neighbor as yourself.

If we find any of these difficult, Jesus is with us, making us right with Him and others in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Our sins against God and others are more than forgiven. They are absolved. And Jesus is with us to keep us right with Him and others for the long run in the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Don’t worry if it’s been a while to be with Jesus in these holy encounters. Jesus and His priests understand. Amazing how everything changes when Jesus makes us right with Him. Cultural change starts with each one of us. Take to prayer, “What am I to do?”

Ignite the Fire
Fr. Rick Pilger, IC


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