May 19, 2021, Wednesday 7th Week of Easter

John 17: 11b-19 
Wednesday Mass Readings 

When I was a child it was my responsibility  
to set the table for dinner.  

Before I could reach the dishes in the cabinet,  
my Mom would get them for me.  

Of course we used our everyday dishes,  
the kind that didn’t break. 

But when someone special was coming to dinner,  
I went to the cabinet for the dishes and Mom said,  
“Oh no! Don’t use those dishes”.  

Then she showed me the good china. “Use these”.  

“Why, I asked, “Because someone very special,  
someone very important is coming to dinner”.  

I was told to be very careful  
and not drop those special dishes  
because they could break. 

In her own way, my Mom taught me  
the meaning of the word “to consecrate”, to set aside.  

That china was set aside for special occasions  
and had to be treated with great care. 

And so are we, consecrated or sanctified.  

Jesus prayed that we would be set aside,  
apart from the world, not to be taken out of the world  
and used for special occasions,  
but that the world would be taken out of us  
so He could use us for His designs every day.  

We call that holiness. 

Holiness is not spotlessness.  

If that were true, none of the saints  
would ever have gone to confession. 

They did, and went often. 

Holiness is having no fear to run to Jesus  
just as we are, chipped, cracked, broken  
by our weakness and sinfulness. 

Holiness wants Jesus more than trying to be perfect for him. 

The world says, “I am happy with you  
as long as you are useful to me.” 

Jesus says, “Come to me all you who labor  
and are overburdened with the world. I will give you rest. 

I love you just as you are, chipped, broken and all.” 

Go to Jesus and leave the world behind. 


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