Volunteer Opportunities

We are excited to announce two new opportunities to assist others through the coronavirus.

Shopping Angels – We are seeking some individuals who have the ability and desire to shop for those in our community that may not have the opportunity to shop for groceries. They way it would work is;

  1. the individual would contact the office,
  2. the office would send the information to the coordinator,
  3. the coordinator would contact the individual for  a list,
  4. the coordinator would then contact a volunteer,
  5. the volunteer would then shop and contact the person with the total
  6. the client would leave the money on the front step and go back inside
  7.  the angel would leave the groceries on the step and pick up the money.

Phone Reassurance – The volunteer would be assigned a list of parishioners that are isolated to contact. The nature of the phone calls would be to let them know what is going on at our parish, check on their needs, and just have some fellowship. The calls would happen regularly as decided on by both parties.

If you are interested in either opportunity, please email plt@bscchurch.com.

God bless you and be safe!


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