Wednesday, 6th Week in Easter May 17, 2023

Father Rick’s Two Minute Homily for Wednesday, 6th Week in Easter

May 17, 2023, John 16:12-15

What is God Saying To Me Today?

  There are different ways to pray. The Holy Mass is the Source and Summit of the Christian life. There are prayers we pray, like the Rosary, or we ask for the intercession of saints. We examine our consciences before we go to bed and before going to Confession.

Jesus said in today’s Gospel, “I have much more to tell you.” I see Jesus waiting for me to come to Him so He can speak to my heart. How does that work?

One way I pray to hear what He says to me today is to be honest with Him. After coming into His Presence, I bear that heart open to Him to hold in His hands whatever is there. No words are necessary. Amazingly, this form of praying eliminates distractions and a busy mind. Then I enjoy being in His Presence, like two old friends.

I open the Scriptures, perhaps the readings for the day at Mass. Already in His Presence, I read the first reading or the Gospel and pause. Then after a moment, I reread it. This time I wait for a word or phrase to strike me.

I repeat that phrase over and over until I start hearing something. Then I get out my pen and paper and start writing. We call this Lectio Divina (Divine Reading). Sometimes I get an impression of something happening in my life, and the direction of what I am to do comes from that impression. Or I hear the call to surrender to the Lord and get out of His way. It’s like He is saying, “I Got This.”

Gospel Challenge:

Spend a moment every day to listen to what Jesus is saying to you. He is the Word of the Lord, and he knows how to speak to us.

Fr. Rick Pilger, IC    

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