Fr. Rick’s One Minute Homily for Friday – 01-14-2022

Friday 1st Week in Ordinary Time 2022  
Mark 2:1-12


Is there concert he can’t wait to see? Think of the mad rush to the box office if the Buccaneers get into the Super Bowl. You grab your phone and you hope that it isn’t sold out. Some events sell out in hours or even minutes. It’s unbelievable how we can’t wait to get that ticket. And if it is sold out, there are always the scalpers hoping the ticket is credible.

I can see a big neon sign on the house when Jesus was teaching – “SOLD Out.” It must’ve been disheartening for the four people carrying the paralytic to Jesus. The man wanted to walk and there was no room to get into the house. The crowd was so huge and no one would let them by.

Human ingenuity came to the rescue. They lifted the poor man up on the roof. Can you imagine carrying him on a stretcher or even over your shoulder. They didn’t let any obstacle keep them from getting the paralytic to Jesus. Maybe they didn’t want to carry him home. That’s understandable.

Is there something you have to do for someone that you have put off because of some obstacle. Don’t give up! The harder it is to get someone to Jesus, the deeper we have to dig into our hearts to discover how much we really care for them. That deep sense of care and compassion is what moves the heart of Jesus. It is the faith of miracles. Sometimes we just have to carry that person up that ladder. With Jesus, there is always room for one more.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC   


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