Fr. Rick’s One Minute Homily for Wednesday – 01-12-2022

Wednesday 1st Week in Ordinary Time 2022    
Mark 1:29-39       


Every day we hear about Covid. After Christmas family gatherings, we see hundreds of people lining up to get tested. Many times, it’s just a passing thought. What a difference when we know someone who has Covid and is sick. It’s a huge difference when it is someone in our family and, even more, our immediate family. We get emotionally involved and must keep checking on them. There is no messing around when it’s with someone we care about.

That is pretty much what Peter and the disciples felt when Jesus entered Peter’s mother-in-law’s house. The poor woman was struck down with fever. “The gospel says they immediately told him about her.” They had that same sense of urgency because they knew Jesus could do something about it. Please notice that it wasn’t just Peter who told Jesus but, “they” told him about her. Maybe they knew his mother-in-law. They may have eaten there many times. What strikes me is nothing else mattered to them at that moment. I consider the action of bringing her to Jesus as a prayer itself.

Do you have that sense of urgency to bring someone to Jesus? Is someone you know suffering and can do nothing about it? I challenge you, and I challenge myself to not just pray for them in your heart but bring them to Jesus. Make your prayer an action by going to a Catholic Church or chapel and kneel or sit before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. In your imagination, watch Jesus reach out his hand and lift them up from all their sickness, injuries, or hurt of any kind. We don’t have to tell him anything. He already knows what to do. Just bring them to Jesus immediately.


Fr. Rick Pilger, IC     


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