September 19, 20201 25th Sunday oin Ordinary Time

25th Sunday in Ord. Time B. "Receives me!’

Healthy competition is good for us.

· It can bring the best in us. In sports, we go to the weight room.

We are the last ones to leave the practice field.

· In competition, we see the results.

We might even come out first.

This is the world where we live.

  • Being first is in our face every day.

But I question, is constantly striving to be first in other areas of life worth the loss of important relationships?

  • It is very subtle how work and getting ahead can take over our lives.

It happens in family life, and I see this temptation in community life.

There is a "wisdom from above" that can help us keep our priorities in order.

· What does that wisdom say? "The greatest among you must serve the rest.

Who are the "rest" Jesus tells us we must serve?

"Whoever receives a child such as this, receives Me."

· People in our Lord’s time knew who these rest were.

The child symbolized the anawim – the poor, the forgotten, the lowly, vulnerable people in society.

Who are they today?

· The ragged man who’s by a dumpster looking for something to eat.

  • The immigrant who is out of place.
  • The neighbor’s son, who has Autism, is at your back door at the oddest times.
  • Maybe a co-worker I overlook for whatever reason.
  • And yes, the "rest" may be a member of our family.

We don’t turn our eyes away.

  • We do what Jesus says, "welcome them."

Welcome them with a cup of coffee, stopping to chat, taking an interest in what they are doing at the moment.

  • The anawim have stories they need to tell us & we need to hear.

This "wisdom from above" changes lives & makes us whole.

  • Everyone is better off.

Here is my challenge from Jesus.

  • Who in life is the least in my eyes?

Someone I meet all the time?

  • When someone is least in my eyes, I must serve them and spend time with them passionately.

I must go out of my way for them.

  • My friends, Courageously live the Gospel every day.

The world will be a better place because you did.



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