October 15, 2021, Friday 28th Week in Ordinary Time

Luke 11: 11:47-54
Please open your Scriptures and read these verses prayerfully.

No Fear Here.

I learned pretty quickly after my ordination how important it is to get close to the People of God. When I moved to Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Bradenton, Florida, Small Christian communities were sprouting up in Catholic churches across the land. The restoration of the Rite of Christian initiation was having a comeback in the Church. I formed a ministry of 12 parishioners at Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Galesburg, Illinois, to welcome people into the Church. It blew me away how quickly we became a family and looked forward to being with each other as our ministry grew. Again, that sense of belonging to each other as a family was very evident.

And now, in Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Seminole, Florida, our parish staff and various ministries are growing in the awareness of how important it is to share our life and our faith with each other. Jesus says in the gospel today, "Whatever you have said in the darkness will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered behind closed doors will be proclaimed on the rooftops." Every day our relationship with our Lord Jesus is attacked by the media and the values of this world. Jesus tells us, "Not to be afraid of those who kill the body." My friends, I want you to know that God’s goodness has helped me to stay strong in my faith through people I have grown to love and cherish in our parishes. In Blessed Sacrament Church, more people are starting to share their faith and life in meaningful ways. What they kept to themselves for years is now being shared and building up the Body of Christ.

The Gospel Challenge:

I receive so much courage from the People of God to stay true to our Lord Jesus and not long allow the poison of society to weaken my relationship with him in the Church. We all fall sometimes, but God gives us the grace to confess our sins and embrace his mercy. Think about what you share with your family and your friends. Is it stuff that won’t matter ten years from now? Does it bring you closer and bond you to each other in the Lord? Do not be afraid if you find it difficult to defend your faith and speak out from the rooftops about your love for the Lord Jesus and his Church. Open your heart up to the Lord. Talk to Him about why you are Catholic. Then take courage, share that with a friend.

God bless you, my friends.
Fr. Rick Pilger, I. C.


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