1/13/2022 – St. Veronica of Milan

Saint Veronica was a poor maiden of Milan. Possessed of an angelic piety, she wished to enter the convent of the Augustinian nuns of Saint Martha, who were established in her native city. But the poverty of her parents had prevented the holy girl from receiving even the first rudiments of education. After working hard all day, Veronica devoted a part of each night to laboriously learning how to read and write, and succeeded without a teacher. Once when she was extremely discouraged over her studies, the Blessed Virgin consoled her by telling her that it sufficed for her to know three letters, which were, the love of God above all things, charity for our neighbor, and a tender devotion to the passion of Jesus Christ. Finally, after three years of preparation, Saint Veronica entered the convent of Saint Martha, and there led the life and died the death of a saint.


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